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iPhone X

iPhone X

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  • Looking to sell your old mobile phone? At Mazuma Mobile you can see your iPhone X, whether it’s broken or faulty, and we’ll recycle it for you.
  • The iPhone X was launched by Apple at the same time as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to become its premium smartphone. Despite being the roman numeral for ten, it’s actually the 11th generation of the iPhone, but it’s also the phone that saw the biggest changes in both style and technology.
  • These advances included the introduction of the ‘bezel-less’ design. This was done by increasing the size of the screen to occupy the majority of the front of the phone and removing the home button. Removing the home button significantly changed the functionality of the phone, and pathed the way for the introduction of Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition system for verification. Adding additional room for the 5.85inch screen without having to greatly increase the phone size was a big advantage.
  • This wasn’t all though, the iPhone X saw the first use of OLED technology for the screen, plus two rear cameras as standard.
  • Want to sell your iPhone? Maybe you’re ready to upgrade and selling your iPhone X will help you do that, or perhaps you’ve broken the screen? Whatever you want to do, we’re here to help.

How to Sell your iPhone X with Mazuma

  • You can sell your mobile to Mazuma in a few swift steps. We can buy your iPhone X from you, even if it’s broken or faulty, and recycle it. As the no.1 phone recycling company in the UK, you can trust us to give you a good price and recycle it effectively.
    • Find the iPhone X on Mazuma and enter your details for a quote.
    • At this point, we’ll post out a sales pack for your iPhone X.
    • You just need to use this to package your phone and arrange delivery through DPD.
    • Once your phone arrives with us we’ll send you the cash!
  • We wipe data from all of the phones that are sent to us, so you don’t have to worry about security. If you want to know more about how it works when you sell your iPhone X, just check out our guide.