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iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Can I sell my iPhone 14 Pro Max for Cash?

  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max is very similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, but with a tiny difference, the size. The iPhone 14 Pro Max offers an additional 0.6 inches to the display, making the device slightly heavier. However, they both provide the same incredible 48MP wide lenses, which can record in 4K. Aside from the size, there do not appear to be many other differences. Both have an amazing A16 bionic chipset, which provides lightning-fast streaming and straightforward work interfaces with less lagging.
  • Due to all the impressive attributes of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, we offer an exceptional price when you use our sell my iPhone services. We can make payments direct to your bank and often within the same working day. *
  • So, if you are looking for some extra cash and are unsure, consider all the benefits you can take advantage of when you sell an iPhone 14 Pro Max. You can also sell an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 plus or an iPhone 14 Pro for cash if you have one gathering dust.

Can I sell my broken iPhone 14 Pro Max?

  • Life happens, accidents happen, and we understand this more than anyone. So, if you have broken your iPhone 14 Pro Max, don't worry! We try to accept any mobile device, no matter its condition. This can include.
    1. Cracked screens
    2. Lack of power
    3. Broken microphones
    4. Faulty speakers
    5. Damaged buttons
    6. Unresponsive touchscreens
    7. Scratches and dents
    8. Corrupt and malfunctioning OS or other software issues.
  • The phone's condition affects the price we can give you for your device. This is because our in-house technicians will have to work hard to restore it to the pristine state you bought it in. However, as long as you are honest in your description, there should be no problem with the quote we give you. However, if you are worried about the condition of your phone, you can always contact our wonderfully helpful team, who can support you with any queries.

Is there any iPhone 14 Pro Max that Mazuma can't buy?

  • Whilst we would love to say yes to every phone that arrives with us, there will be certain instances where we cannot accept it. For example, if the phone has been snapped in half, there will be damage inside the phone, rendering it unfixable.
  • Another example is if a phone has been part of any criminal activity. Whilst we are unaware of any bandit iPhones, if it has been reported lost, stolen, or barred by the network, it means we cannot accept them. We check all our phones with CheckMEND, which will flag up any previous history of the phone, so even if the phone has been wiped, we can still see any problems with it.

What are the benefits of recycling my iPhone 14 Pro Max?

  • Recycling your iPhone has many benefits, which not only help the environment but you too. Sending your phone to be correctly recycled can prevent it from becoming electrical waste in landfills, which can devastate the planet. Although a phone is safe while being used, once it is left to decay, it releases toxins into the environment, which can be harmful to the atmosphere. When we recycle a device, we ensure that every component is reused, and if we can’t reuse anything due to being broken, we dispose of it in a way that doesn’t impact the environment.
  • So how does our sell my phone services help you? Well, firstly, when you recycle with us, you can receive speedy payments for your phone, which can help you purchase your next device or just to treat yourself. In addition, if you have multiple devices which are no longer of any use to you, it can free up some space in whichever phone graveyard you may have at home. This makes recycling your iPhone 14 Pro Max a benefit to everyone.

Why should I sell my iPhone 14 Pro Max with Mazuma?

  • Again, there are many reasons why Mazuma is the smart choice for selling your phone! Here are just some of our favourites;
  • We wipe any data on your phone. We regularly get calls like, “when I sent in my phone, I forgot to wipe it.” However, there is no need to worry about your data. Using our data delete tool, we will ensure that nothing personal is left on your phone when we process it.
  • We offer FREE postage and tracking. When you trade in your phone with Mazuma, there are no hidden fees, just payments. We cover the cost of postage and even throw in free tracking so you can track your phone from the minute you send it.
  • We offer brilliant customer service. If you are unsure, take a look through our glowing testimonials that showcase the award-winning services we offer. From start to finish, we are here to support you all the way.
  • Payments can be made on the same day. As long as your phone is in the condition you told us, we can send your payments within the same day we receive your phone, giving you instant cash direct to your bank.
  • If you are still unsure about selling your iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can visit our FAQs or get in touch for help and support at any stage of our services. We are always happy to help!

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