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iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Trade in Your iPhone 12 Pro Max with Mazuma

  • While it's an excellent phone, we understand that you may want to sell your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Maybe it's broken, or you're due an upgrade. Whatever the situation, Mazuma can buy your old iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Can I sell my iPhone 12 Pro Max for cash?

  • The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a powerhouse of a phone, sitting happily at the head of the iPhone 12 family. It's the best iPhone of this generation on the market, offering excellent battery life, more power and one of the best cameras that Apple had ever produced at the time.
  • All that said, if you are ready to sell your iPhone 12 Pro Max, Mazuma is here to help. We can buy your broken iPhone 12 Pro Max or simply help you recycle your device when upgrading.
  • Our price promise guarantee gives you the confidence that you will receive the same amount in the bank for your iPhone 12 Pro Max that you are quoted online, often on the same day we receive the device.
  • For full details of how it works, please look at our helpful step-by-step guide. If you still have doubts about our service, no problem! Check out our fantastic reviews from other happy customers who have used our services. Trade in an iPhone 12 Pro Max for free postage and delivery while earning a few pennies.

Can I sell my broken iPhone 12 Pro Max?

  • Absolutely! Here at Mazuma Mobile, we know that life happens. Whether you dropped it whilst getting out of the car, it slipped out of your pocket, or it has excessive wear and tear, we know that not all phones will be in brand new condition, despite your best efforts. When you sell an iPhone 12 Pro Max to us, we can accept all kinds of damage and faults:
    • Scratched or cracked screens
    • Lack of power
    • Broken components (buttons, microphones, speakers etc.)
    • Non-responsive touchscreens
    • Broken or faulty buttons or cameras
    • A fault in the software or corrupted updates
    • Missing or broken batteries
  • Whatever damage your iPhone has, you can be sure that we have seen it before. Broken or not, trade in is available with us! If you can't see your fault listed above, don't worry, get in touch for a quote, and we will still be able to help.

What iPhone 12 Pro Max can't Mazuma buy?

  • Whilst we try to accept every phone we can, there are certain circumstances where we will be unable to accept your device:
    • If the phone has been snapped in half. This can include significantly bent to a position where the inside components have snapped.
    • If the phone has been reported stolen. To prevent phone theft, any phone received will be checked, and details will be passed to the police if it has been reported stolen.
    • If the network has blocked the phone. Again, to help prevent phone theft, we cannot accept blocked phones.
    • If the phone is blacklisted by CheckMEND. If a phone fails a report or is blacklisted, it cannot be recycled with us.

What are the benefits of recycling my iPhone 12 Pro Max?

  • There are many reasons to recycle your old phone, which benefit you and the environment. When you sell an iPhone 12 Pro Max to Mazuma Mobile, you can guarantee that we recycle your phone safely, preventing it from reaching a landfill where it could cause a potential hazard.
  • We will remove any broken parts which are unusable and give the phone a new life, providing someone else with a like-new phone through recycling and not brand new manufacturing, reducing electrical waste and energy to produce new materials.
  • Of course, the most significant benefit for you is the money you will get for your device, and we can give you our best price! We promise that whatever price you are quoted on our sell my iPhone page will be the money you receive once we have received your phone.

Why should I sell my iPhone 12 Pro Max with Mazuma?

  • We know everyone is busy, but if you're trying to shift old technology, you want a quick and easy way to do it that doesn't mean spending weeks looking for a buyer. That's why, if you are looking to sell an iPhone 12 Pro Max, we're the best people to sell to!
  • When you sell your device to us, we offer FREE postage and tracking, allowing you to print off your label or send it off at your nearest DPD drop-off shop, or you could even request a sales pack.
  • However you choose to get it to us, we ask you to send your device within two weeks of getting your quote. Once we have received it, you will often get your quoted price on the same day. You could quickly get the extra money for an upgrade if you sell an iPhone 12 Pro Max with Mazuma Mobile.
  • We even have a handy data delete tool, so you can easily remove personal information from your phone before selling it to us. So if you have a phone to trade in, whether an iPhone 12 Pro Max or even an iPhone 12 Mini, you can do it easily within a matter of minutes.
  • For any other worries or questions, check out our FAQ Page or contact our lovely team for friendly support and advice today!

Which iPhones models can I sell?

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