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How to sell your Xbox One for cash with Mazuma

  • Have you got an Xbox One sitting in the corner gathering dust because you've gone next-gen? Perhaps you're saving up for an Xbox Series X and could do with some money towards it? Whatever your reason for selling your Xbox One, Mazuma's trade-in service can get you cash for your old console quickly and easily.
  • The Xbox One might not be the newest kid on the block anymore, but with loads of amazing games still being released for it, Microsoft's third-generation console has still got plenty of life - and value - left in it yet.
  • With Mazuma, you can get a cash offer for your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X in the space of just a few clicks. And with our simple, speedy and sustainable send-off process, you can have the money in your account in a matter of days.
  • About that send-off process, then - here's how you sell your Xbox One with Mazuma in four simple steps...

Find your model and register your details

Use our list above to find your Xbox One model and select the correct storage size for the console you own. Make sure you tell us the correct memory for your console as we can only guarantee the price to sell your Xbox One if you give us the right information.

After that, you'll just need to tell us what condition your console is in - good, poor or faulty (we've explained each classification) - and we'll give you a cash and gift e-card quote. If you're happy with the amount we've offered, click 'Sell my device', register your details and pick your preferred method to confirm the sale.

Sit back and wait for us to send you a FREE sales pack

We'll send you a free sales pack that contains everything you need to send your Xbox One back to us via freepost.

Send your Xbox back to us

Use the sales pack provided to package up your Xbox One securely and get it over to us. You'll need to send your console within 14 days. Our freepost parcels are tracked by Royal Mail Track and Trace and typically take anywhere from one to three days to arrive at our HQ.

Receive same-day payment

Once we receive your parcel and confirm everything is in order, we’ll initiate payment on the same day we receive your console. If you’ve chosen a bank transfer and we receive your Xbox One before 2pm, you’ll have the money in your account the same day.

We guarantee to pay you 100% of the price you were offered when you sell your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X to us. If something doesn't match up and we don't think your console is worth what our quote suggested, we'll simply send it back, completely free of charge.

Want to know more about the Xbox One trade-in process with Mazuma? Read about how it all works here or, if you need some help, take a look at our support hub or contact our team.

Xbox One trade-in: Frequently asked questions

Why should I sell my Xbox One with Mazuma?

If you're looking for a trustworthy, sustainable and simple place to sell your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X for cash at a decent price, then we're your guys. Here are a few reasons you can rely on us for a quality service:

  • The quote you receive for your Xbox One will be 100% guaranteed, with no hidden charges to worry about. If, for whatever reason, your Xbox One doesn't match up to the description you gave for our valuation, we'll send it back to you free of charge.
  • We offer super-fast payments that are processed as soon as we get your console. If your console gets to us before 2pm on any weekday and you chose to receive a bank transfer, you'll get your money in your account the same day.
  • Our postage process is effortlessly easy and completely free of charge.
  • We guarantee full data security and will ensure your Xbox One is wiped clear of any personal data in case you forgot to factory reset your console.
  • We're a sustainable company that will either sell on your Xbox One or break it down for parts, meaning nothing you send will go into landfill.

Learn more about why you should choose Mazuma here.

What do I need to do before completing my Xbox One trade-in?

There are a few things you can do before you send us your Xbox One:

  • Unpair any devices that are connected to the console.
  • Back up any data if required.
  • Wipe your console using the factory reset option (we'll also do any remaining data removal when we receive it).
  • Make sure you've included all the accessories and components as per the condition you chose. 'Good' condition consoles will include a fully working controller and power supply, for example.

Can I sell my Xbox One if it's broken?

Yes, you can. You won't get as much for it, but you can still sell your Xbox One for cash if it won't read discs or connect to Wi-Fi, as well as a variety of other fundamental faults.

When you're registering your console and details with us, you'll be able to select 'faulty' condition and see how much we're offering. It means you'll probably be able to make a bit of money from a device you thought was a complete goner.

What's my Xbox One's trade-in value?

That depends on a few things, like the model you're trading in for a start. There are three main Xbox One models available - the original Xbox One, the streamlined Xbox One S and the high-performance Xbox One X.

Storage size also plays a factor, but Xbox One X trade-in values are generally higher than what you on an Xbox One S trade-in, which is higher than what we offer for an original Xbox One.

The condition of your console also plays a massive part. Naturally, we pay a lot more for an Xbox One in good condition than an Xbox One that's broken. You'll be able to get your specific Xbox One's sell price just by telling us the model, the memory size and its condition via the list above.

Sell your Xbox One with Mazuma today and get a no-nonsense, 100% guaranteed quote and speedy same-day payment. Any questions? Contact us today.