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Watch Series 4 GPS Aluminium Case

Watch Series 4 GPS Aluminium Case

40MM  44MM 

Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular Aluminium Case

Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular Aluminium Case

40MM  44MM 

Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular Stainless Steel Case

Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular Stainless Steel Case

40MM  44MM 

Get cash for your old Apple Watch with Mazuma

As experts in recycling technology, we can take almost anything off your hands for cash, whether it’s the latest Apple Watch or an old iPhone, iPad or Macbook!

The Apple Watch has led the increasing popularity of wearable technology. Blending together the capabilities of fitness trackers with features from their excellent range of iPhones, the Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches on the market. The first generation, launched in 2015, relied heavily on communicating with an iPhone for many of its capabilities. Still, it came complete with a heart rate sensor, 8GB of storage, and the ability to store both music and photos.

In the generations since, there have been numerous changes. There are a number of new colour options and a selection of different watch straps on offer. There’s now also a built-in GPS, larger displays, improved processors, and increased storage capacity – the list just keeps on growing! Newer models now detect falls and automatically call emergency services, for instance.

So, if you were early to jump on the Apple Watch trend and you’re now eyeing up the newer models, it may be time for an upgrade. Good news: Mazuma is here to help! We can give you cash for your Apple Watch even if it’s broken, and our prices are 100% guaranteed – let’s find out more.

An apple watch from Mazuma with clear gel case

How to sell your Apple Watch with Mazuma

Selling or using our trade-in Apple Watch services couldn’t be easier. Mazuma is one of the leading tech recyclers in the UK, and we’ve streamlined our process to make it as easy as possible for you to sell your old technology for cash. Here’s how it works:

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Step 1: Register Your Sale

Find the model of your Apple Watch you want to sell on our site and register your device for your free guaranteed quote.

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Step 2: Package Up

Follow the instructions to package up your Apple Watch.

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Step 3: Post It

Arrange for you watch to be delivered back to us.

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Step 4: Fast Payment

Wait for your cash to arrive! We’ll send you your money once your Apple Watch arrives at Mazuma HQ.

As mentioned, your quote is 100% guaranteed once it’s locked in, and if we can’t meet it once we’ve received your device, we’ll send your Apple Watch back to you.

Why choose to recycle your old Apple Watch?

Wondering about what to do with your old Apple Watch when it’s time to upgrade? The answer is recycling!

Mazuma’s innovative recycling programme guarantees a responsible way to handle your old watch. By choosing to recycle, we’re not only ensuring the longevity of valuable materials but playing a pivotal role in all-important environmental conservation. The era of neglecting the fate of our old technology seems dated.

It’s high time to embrace recycling!

An apple watch ready to be recycled lying discarded on yellow lines in the street

Why choose Mazuma Mobile when selling your Apple Watch?

So, if you’re thinking to yourself, “I want to sell my Apple Watch”, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the many reasons to choose Mazuma:


FREE postage and tracking


Glowing reviews from happy customers


Fast payments


A second lease on life for your Apple Watch

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If you’re still not convinced, feel free to speak to our team, who will be more than happy to answer your questions and provide you with the reassurance you need to choose Mazuma.

So, what are you waiting for? Your journey to a new Apple Watch starts when you select your device from the list above!