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Mazuma Mobile will buy your iPhone 11 Pro for refurbishment or recycling, even if it’s broken.

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iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

  • Are you thinking of upgrading your phone? Don’t let your old phone go to waste! Instead, earn a bit of extra cash and help the planet at the same time with Mazuma. Trade in an iPhone 11 Pro with us, and we’ll refurbish or recycle the device in the most responsible way possible.

Can I sell my iPhone 11 Pro for cash?

  • On its release, the iPhone 11 Pro was one of the most well-balanced and capable devices Apple had made to date. With a crystal clear display, three cameras and incredible battery life, the model was more than just a subtle improvement on the previous generation.
  • The iPhone 11 Pro has been out for a few years now, and you may have already upgraded to a newer device or be thinking about making the switch. In that case, it’s time to sell your iPhone 11 Pro to Mazuma so we can spruce it up and give it a new home. We’ve made it quick and easy to sell your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and even sell an iPhone 11 Pro Max with Mazuma.
  • You can submit your information through our website, we guarantee to give you a fair price for your device, and we’ll even throw in free tracked postage. As a bonus, we promise to pay you the quoted price on the same day we receive your old phone.*
  • Find out how Mazuma makes it easy to sell your phone, and visit our FAQ page if you have any questions.

Can I sell my Broken iPhone 11 Pro?

  • Good news! Even if your iPhone 11 Pro is damaged or broken, we’re probably still able to buy it from you. We don’t mind devices that are scratched, have unresponsive buttons or won’t even turn on! Even if a device is damaged beyond repair, we will still buy it and strip it down for responsible recycling.
  • Got an iPhone 11 Pro with a damaged microphone? We don’t mind – it’s still worth something to us. For a complete list of all the types of damaged phones Mazuma are happy to accept, have a read of our broke phone guide. We even accept water-damaged phones!
  • The condition of your phone will affect the price we can offer, so be honest and accurate when filling out your submission to make sure we’re able to pay you exactly what we quote.

Are there any iPhone 11 Pros Mazuma Can’t Buy?

  • We can’t accept any devices that may have been involved in criminal activity. If a device is on the CheckMEND blacklist or doesn’t pass their reports, we won’t be able to buy it from you. We also don’t accept devices that have been snapped in half, reported as stone or barred by the network provider.

Why should I trade in my iPhone 11 Pro?

  • E-waste is a growing concern for the planet, and old electronics that are sent to landfill sites risk contaminating local water sources and ecosystems if not disposed of properly. Not only does an iPhone 11 Pro trade in put a bit of extra cash in your wallet, but it also helps the environment.
    • Your old phone could be someone else’s new phone: By selling your phone to Mazuma, you could be giving it a second life. We’ve got the tools to fix up old devices and find new owners for them, both here in the UK and in developing countries.
    • Cash towards a new phone: It’s no secret that new phones are expensive, so getting paid to dispose of your old device takes the sting out of it a little!
    • The environment will thank you: Phones are full of hazardous substances that present no harm when using the device but can seriously damage the environment if the phone is disposed of incorrectly. We make sure that doesn’t happen by recycling old phones if we can’t refurbish them.

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