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As one of the latest iPhones, the iPhone 14 Plus could give you a lot when you trade in your iPhone Plus with Mazuma today.

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iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone 14 Plus

Can I get cash when I sell my iPhone 14 Plus?

  • The iPhone 14 Plus is one of the latest devices from Apple and comes in various colours to suit every taste. In addition, if you purchase an iPhone 14 Plus (PRODUCT)Red, you will contribute to the global funds to combat Covid 19. This device has an impressive 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display and a much longer battery life than an iPhone 14. Compatible with 5G and offering a significant leap in low-light photos, this device is jam-packed with impressive features.
  • For this reason, we offer exceptional prices when you choose to use our services. In addition, payments are fast and come with no hidden fees. In fact, they are so fast that you often receive your payments within the same day!* This is why we are one of the best options regarding phone trade-in deals.

Can I sell my broken iPhone 14 Plus?

  • If you wish to sell an iPhone 14 or an iPhone 14 Plus, you may struggle to find a buyer if it is broken. However, we love all phones, damaged or not. As long as the device is not snapped in half, we can take good care of it, refurbish it and give it new life and hopefully a new home.
  • So even if you have broken buttons, cracked screens or corrupt software, you can still sell your iPhone 14 Plus with us! Here are just some of the issues we often come across that are totally fine:
    1. Cracked screens
    2. Lack of power
    3. Broken microphones
    4. Faulty speakers
    5. Damaged buttons
    6. Unresponsive touchscreens
    7. Scratches and dents
    8. Corrupt and malfunctioning OS or other software issues.
  • If you are slightly unsure about the condition of your phone and would like to know if we would offer you a price, you can contact our brilliant team of experts who will be happy to help.

Are there any iPhone 14 Plus devices you can’t buy?

  • Although we love every phone where we can, there are just a few instances where we would be unable to accept an iPhone 14 Plus. The first reason is any involvement in crimes. For example, if a phone has been reported as part of illegal activity, e.g. being lost or stolen. Then we are unable to purchase it. This helps deter thieves from successfully benefiting from stolen devices, and any phones reported lost or stolen will be handed to the authorities for further investigation.
  • We also can’t accept any device blocked from a network or blacklisted by our phone history-checking services. To avoid this, we check every phone we receive with CheckMEND, which can offer us an extensive history on any device, even if it has been wiped. Any red flags will prevent us from buying your iPhone 14 Plus.

Why should I recycle my iPhone 14 Plus?

  • We often hear, “why should I recycle my phone?”, so we thought we would explore this. Recycling your iPhone can offer advantages beyond your imagination. Here are just some of the reasons why you should recycle.
  • It can help someone get a bargain. At Mazuma, we recycle almost every component of a device we receive. So, whether it’s touching up the phone to make it sparkle new again or using what is fixable to help revive another device, you can help give the phone new life with someone else.
  • It can protect the environment. When a phone is still in use, it is harmless to its surroundings. However, when a phone is left to decompose in a landfill, it can leak toxins into the environment, damaging the atmosphere. By recycling with a responsible company like Mazuma, you can ensure the safe disposal of your device.
  • You can reclaim space. We all have that junk drawer or cupboard where old tech goes to die. The collection often builds up with great intentions but getting around to selling them usually never happens. With our sell my mobile services, you can trade in several devices and reclaim that space for something more important.

Why should I sell my iPhone 14 Plus to Mazuma?

  • We know there are many ways to sell an iPhone 14 plus. You could pop it on auction sites or marketplaces or sell it to a friend. However, the downsides to these options are the lack of guarantee.
  • You could still have your device sitting around for weeks, waiting for someone who may want your iPhone 14 Plus. With Mazuma, we know we want your phone, and we can offer you a quote within minutes, so you know exactly what to expect with our iPhone trade in.
  • Not only can you receive an instant price, but with our FREE postage and packaging, you can get your phone to us in a matter of days, which is just one of our incredible benefits!
  • We have plenty more, so much so that we have dedicated a whole page to why you should choose Mazuma Mobile. Let alone the fantastic reviews we are constantly receiving from past customers. We can offer great prices on any iPhone 14 collection, so get a quote today.
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  • If you are still unsure, whether it's about our services or how it all works, we have plenty of support in our FAQs, or you can contact us directly, and our helpful staff will be there for any questions.

My iPhone is a different model, can I still sell it?