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Galaxy S22 Plus S906B

Galaxy S22 Plus S906B

Sell your Samsung S22 Plus with Mazuma!

  • Buying a new phone can be a significant expense. Cut the cost and get some easy cash and trade in a Samsung S22 Plus with Mazuma Mobile. It's quick and easy, and we promise to pay your quoted price.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is one of the latest phones in the Samsung Galaxy S family. The latest range includes the core Samsung Galaxy S22, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • The S22 and S22 Plus are mainly set apart by their screen sizes. The device is noted for its excellent screen quality and 120Hz display. It also has a selection of rear cameras, a 108MP camera, alongside the 6.2inch display for the S22 and 6.7inch display for the S22+.
  • Whatever version of the S22 series you have, we make it easy for you to sell your Samsung S22 Plus or any of the other versions. You can even sell your Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus to us if it's broken. We safely recycle all phones we receive. We also provide you with the money in the bank, usually on the same day.
  • Can I sell my broken Galaxy S22 Plus?

  • With our incredible service, yes, you can sell a Samsung S22 Plus even if it has a few faults. We understand that in the business of modern life, phones can get damaged, broken or malfunction. It could even be why you wish to trade in a Galaxy S22 Plus. Life happens; we get that! We accept a range of issues on phones, such as;
    • Lack of power – no longer switching on
    • Broken parts – microphones, speakers etc
    • Broken touch screens – chipped, cracked or unresponsive
    • Battery damage – missing, broken or faulty
    • Flawed buttons – faulty, chipped or broken
    • Excessive wear - scratches, dents or cracks
    • Broken SIM card gate
    • Corrupted OS or other software issues
  • As long as you are honest in your phone description, we will be honest in our quote for the phone. Each phone is tested upon arrival, and if you missed a few things, we would adjust the quote accordingly. So it is always best, to be honest.

Which Samsung S22 Plus can't we buy?

  • We always try to give an old phone new life, but there are certain circumstances we can't accept a device. Unfortunately, we don't like naughty phones, so if it has been lost, stolen or reported as involved in anything criminal, we cannot give it a new home without letting the authorities know we have it. Also, if the phone has been blacklisted by CheckMEND, or blocked by a network or manufacturer, again, we are unable to accept it.
  • Don't worry, though. If you have any further questions about phones we aren't allowed to accept, you can contact our super friendly team, who can let you know if you have a Samsung S22 we can accept or not.
  • What are the benefits of recycling my Samsung S22 Plus?

  • Well, an important reason is that recycling your Samsung S22 Plus is helping the planet. Although a phone in use is safe, once a broken phone hits landfills, it becomes toxic to the environment and can be harmful to not only the surroundings but any wholesome creatures too.
  • You could recycle at your local recycling plant. They have designated sections for electrical waste and offer an excellent opportunity to ensure the correct disposal of a device. However, why wait in line at the local recycling centre when a quick trip to the post office can provide its safe delivery to Mazuma and earn you some money.
  • It can also provide you with more space at home! How often have you pulled an old phone out of the junk drawer and promised to do something with it? Declutter your home from old phones with a Samsung trade in.

Why sell my S22 Plus with Mazuma?

  • We know that there are many options to sell an S22 Plus. From local marketplaces, to online auction sites and you may be able to get more money, but the market for them online is tough and you could still be holding onto it for many weeks.
  • Sell your Samsung Galaxy mobile with Mazuma and benefit from free postage and tracking, offering you full disclosure as to where your Samsung S22 Plus is on its journey to a better life. We also have tonnes of fantastic reviews! You can look through them to see just how quick and easy our service is when you want to sell your Samsung S22 Ultra, Plus or any of the Samsung S family. Plus, with our data delete tool, you can be sure that there are no personal details left on the device before we get it (don't worry if you forget, we will do it for you on arrival).
  • Of course, if same-day payments*, great reviews and giving your phone a great new purpose still haven't got you convinced, you can take a look at the many other reasons why you should trade in a Galaxy S22 Plus to Mazuma; we created a full page of reasons why.
  • We also offer so much support to help you understand how it works, so find out more across our FAQ pages. Alternatively, you can contact our incredible team, for any specific questions about your Samsung S22 Plus.