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  • Mazuma have made selling your watch is surprisingly easy and extremely fast. We're pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with the brilliant prices we offer and we're absolutely sure you'll be amazed with the simplicity and speed of our service.
  • To sell your watch, simply search for your model on our website and get an instant price. Unlike many other mobile phone recyclers, our prices are upfront, fixed and guaranteed - no nasty inflated 'up to' prices to tempt you in and leave you disappointed. Our price promise guarantees that you get the full price quoted or your phone back FREE of charge.
  • You can search for your mobile Phone, Tablet or Watch by typing the model into our search tool or by clicking on the manufacturer of your mobile Phone, Tablet or Watch and finding your model in our image library. We've also added some handy direct links to popular model types like Sell My iPhone and Sell My iPad.
  • Once you've registered your sale, we'll post you a free sales pack which includes a freepost bag to post your mobile Phone, Tablet or Watch to us in. Then the exciting bit - Mazuma will make payment on the very same day* they receive your watch! Learn more about how easy selling your phone is with Mazuma!