Selling your iPad Mini 2

Mazuma Mobile specialise in buying old mobile devices and we can even help if yours is broken, whether you have a broken iPad mini 2 or any other model.

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iPad Mini 2  WiFi

iPad Mini 2 WiFi

  • No matter how hard you try to keep it in perfect condition, your tablet will run out of luck given enough time. If you want to sell your old iPad mini 2 then you’ve come to the perfect place. We’re proud to be the number-one phone-and-tablet recycling service in the UK. Send your device to us and we’ll recycle it responsibly – not to mention that we’ll pay you for it! How does that sound?

Can I sell my iPad mini 2 for cash?

  • The second generation of iPad mini came with some notable internal upgrades, including a higher-resolution display and faster processing speed. The small tablet was highly acclaimed when it first came out, largely due to these improvements on classic hardware problems.
  • Yet, one issue didn’t change: the iPad mini 2 is just as likely to wear down over time as every other model that Apple sells. Ranging from accidentally dropping them to the little ones pouring juice all over them, the number of ways in which our devices can take damage are endless.
  • If you want to trade in your iPad mini 2 because it’s broken or even just old, Mazuma are here to help! Send your unwanted device to our headquarters. We’ll ping you some cash on the same day* that it arrives – plus, we’ll even pay for postage.
  • Don’t just take our word for it – read what over a hundred thousand happy customers have to say. For any questions or more info on how it works, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Can I sell my broken iPad mini 2?

  • You can indeed! There are countless ways in which your device can become damaged: missing buttons, silent speakers and many more. You may even think that your tablet is beyond repair – but you’d be amazed at just how well we can refurbish it. No matter how broken you think your iPad mini 2 is, chances are that you can still sell it.
  • These common tablet issues aren’t a problem for us:
    • Cracked screen
    • Doesn’t power on
    • Broken microphone or speakers
    • Broken or missing batteries
    • Faulty buttons
    • Unresponsive touch screens
    • Excessive scratches, dents or cracks
    • Broken SIM card gate
    • Corrupted OS or other software issues
  • Want to sell your iPad mini 2 but don’t see your issue listed here? We may still be able to take it off your hands, so get in touch for a quote today.

Which iPad mini 2 can’t we buy?

  • Sadly, there are some broken tablet issues that might mean that we can’t accept yours. This is because we need to make sure that the new owners aren’t exposed to a device with any criminal activity in its history. You can’t sell your iPad mini 2 to us if:
    • It’s been snapped in two
    • It’s been reported as stolen
    • It’s been barred by a network
    • It's been blacklisted by CheckMEND or doesn’t pass one of their reports
  • There may be a few other circumstances in which we won’t buy a broken tablet, so bear in mind when you sell your broken iPad mini 2 that every situation is different.

What are the benefits of recycling my iPad mini 2?

  • Sell your iPad mini 2 to us and you’ll see many more benefits than just a bit of spending money – all the way from a tidier home to a healthier planet.
    • You’ll earn extra cash: You could leave your unused iPad mini 2 where it is – but what’s the point of that, when you could sell it to us for cash instead? After we’ve seen the condition that it’s in, we promise to pay you the exact amount that we quote your for it. No misleading “up to” figures. Just fair and transparent prices.
    • You’ll tidy up: Our old devices often end up sitting in drawers or taking up room on shelves. Think about all the other things for which you could be using that space. Why not sell your broken iPad mini 2 to us instead and keep your house clutter-free?
    • It’s kind to Mother Earth: Millions of tonnes of metal ore are mined each year for the production of new mobile devices. Instead of unsustainably digging up our planet, we can just reuse the precious metals from old devices instead. That’s why we recycle your iPad mini 2 after you sell it to us.

Why sell my iPad mini 2 with Mazuma?

  • Sure, you could take a stroll down the high street and see what your various local mobile vendors are willing to offer you. Alternatively, stick an advert online and see how much you can sell your iPad mini 2 for at auction. But neither of these options can guarantee you a fair price. That’s where Mazuma comes in.
  • There’s a load of reasons why you should pick Mazuma when you want to sell your iPad mini 2:
    • We promise to pay you exactly what we quote or send your device back for free
    • You’ll get your money on the same day* that your tablet arrives at Mazuma HQ
    • You get free postage and free tracking, too
    • There are no hidden charges or sellers’ fees to eat up your cash
    • Our conditions are simple and fair
    • It’s easy to wipe your info from your device using our data delete tool
    • Over 100,000 happy customer reviews show that you can trust our process
  • Any questions on how you can sell your iPad mini 2? You can likely find the answers by reading our FAQs. Even so, our friendly team would be delighted to help you – just get in touch.
  • *Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same-day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm and in events that are out of our control.