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We promise to pay 100% of the price quoted for your Honor trade-in otherwise we'll return your Honor to you free of charge!

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How do I sell my Honor?

  • Got a Honor phone you no longer use? We'll take it. Just pop it in the post to us and we'll send you the cash. The sooner you recycle your Honor, the more we'll pay.
  • And the best part? Our price promise guarantee means that you'll receive 100% of the quoted price; otherwise we'll send you your Honor back free of charge. No disappointing 'up to' inflated charges, no hidden costs, no catches. The price you see is the price we pay.
  • So if you have an old Honor phone lying around why not help both the environment and your pocket. We'll even take damaged or faulty Honor phones and show you the price you'll get upfront - no hassle, no stress. So why not take a look at the models above and find out how much you'll get if you sell your Honor today.