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Sell my iPhone 5 with Mazuma

  • Sell your iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5C using Mazuma Mobile. We will buy your old phone for cash, even if it’s faulty or broken. As the no.1 phone recycling service in the UK, we can help you sell your old phones for cash, whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung or HTC.
  • When the iPhone 5 was released in 2012. It saw significant design changes, with a thinner body and aluminium body. The screen was longer and the lightning cable charging system was introduced. The camera was the same one available in the iPhone 4s, which is a great 8MP one with strong software support. The iPhone 5 was a great smartphone, although other companies had started catching up.
  • The seventh generation of the iPhone came in the form of the iPhone 5s. It’s similar in terms of design to the iPhone 5, although there was an additional colour variant added. It was the first smartphone to use a 64-bit processor, showing that while the outside hadn’t changed all that much, a lot of work had gone into improving the tech inside. It saw the introduction of touch ID fingerprint technology as well as the addition of airdrop sharing capabilities.
  • Alongside the launch of the iPhone 5s came the iPhone 5C, which was the budget option created to replace the iPhone 5. In later generations, rather than having a budget version that sat in line with the main device, Apple developed the iPhone SE.
  • You can sell your iPhone for cash with Mazuma Mobile. If your iPhone is broken, or you’re simply looking to change your device, we can take it off your hands and recycle it for you.

How to Sell my iPhone 5 with Mazuma?

  • We’ve made the process of selling your old phone as simple as possible. From registering your details through to receiving your money we’ve managed to make it swift and secure.
  • You can sell your iPhone 5 in the following simple steps:
    • Find your iPhone 5 on the Mazuma Mobile site and enter your device’s details for a quote.
    • Mazuma will send you a sales pack for your iPhone 5.
    • Just put your phone into the provided pack and send it back with DPD.
    • Sit back and wait for your payment to arrive. Often the same day we receive your phone.
  • We will securely wipe any data from your phone once it arrives with us. For more on how it works when you sell your old phone, check out our guide.