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LG - Watch Urbane W150

Watch Urbane W150

Tell us about your device

Please describe condition by selecting an option from each section:

We're sorry, but we are not accepting these devices at the moment. Thank you.

Unlike many other recyclers, our prices are guaranteed rather than 'up to' prices. Provided your device is received as described, you'll receive the full value. Please click here for more details..

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How to find the Serial number

The Serial number can be found printed on the back of the device.

It is usually listed as 'Serial' or 'S/N' and consists of 11 or 12 alphanumeric characters.


How would you describe the look of your device?

Good Shape

This is a device that has been well cared for and looked after. There may be a few light cosmetic scratches on the body, but it will be in great condition! There will be no deeper scratches or marks on the device. The device will not have been dropped in liquid.

Multiple Scratches, Chipped

This is a device that has been around the block a bit! It will have moderate wear and tear and will have multiple/heavy scratches or chips/dents on the body, but no cracks on the rear glass. The device will not have been dropped in liquid.

Bent/Cracked Glass

This device has seen better days! The rear glass will be cracked and the whole unit might be slightly bent. It may have been damaged by liquid at some point.

If your device falls into this category, we’re really sorry, but we won’t be able to buy it from you.*


How would you describe the screen of your device?

Good Shape

This screen is in lovely condition; it has been well looked after. It may have a few very light scratches on it, but these will only be cosmetic and not affect the viewing experience! The touchscreen will work perfectly. There will certainly be no cracks anywhere on the screen, and definitely no liquid damage.

Multiple Scratches

This screen will have noticeable scratches; they may be deep enough to feel with your fingers but the display and touchscreen will still function properly. The display may have some slight discolouration, but not too obvious. The screen has not been damaged by liquid.

Cracked/Damaged/Blank Screen

This screen will be cracked, chipped or shattered and may even be lifted slightly from the body. The display and touchscreen are damaged and not working properly. There may be lines across the display, or black marks, or the display may just be a black screen. There may be liquid damage to the screen too.


The value of this device is dependent on whether it is unlocked or locked to a particular Network.


Works with any network.


Works with EE, T-Mobile, Orange, Asda Mobile, BT Mobile, Go Mobile, Plusnet Mobile, Virgin Mobile.


Works with O2, Lycamobile, Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile.


Works with Vodafone, Lebara Mobile.


Works with Three, iD Mobile.


How does your device function?

All OK

All functionality works as it should / Battery holds a good charge / For iPhones check "Settings" → "Battery" → "Battery Health" must be over 80%.

Something's wrong

Some functionality is inconsistent / Camera, speakers, earpiece, microphone, or sensors do not function normally / Battery life is shorter than normal / Battery Health is less than 80%.


Does your device power on?


Device powers on and display turns on.


Device and/or display does not consistently power up.


The value of this device is not dependent on which UK Network it is locked to.

Value quoted applies to any UK Network or Unlocked (SIM FREE).


The value of this device when faulty is not dependent on which UK Network it is locked to.

Value quoted applies to any UK Network or Unlocked (SIM FREE).

Your watch's Serial number

Provide your Serial number for faster processing

This will help process your handset faster, so faster payment for you! Otherwise if you don’t know your IMEI don’t worry you can skip this step and provide it at a later date.

Serial number is required.


  • Each device should:

    • Turn on and off (with all buttons working)
    • Be fully functional* (cosmetic wear and tear is acceptable)
    • Have a fully working operating system (software)
    • Have a working screen (without cracks, pixel damage or defects)
    • Have a working touch screen (without cracks or chips)
    • Have no damage to rear glass or camera lens (no cracks or chips)
    • Not have bent housing
    • Include its battery, strap and charger
    • Not be water-damaged (water indicators must not be red)
  • *All features such as Making calls, Wi-Fi, Camera, Video, etc must work.


  • Each device should:

    • Include its battery
    • Be intact - not crushed, bent or snapped in half
    • Not have any missing parts or components
  • Faulty examples:

    • Water damaged, Broken/bleeding LCD (screen), blank display, no power up, faulty/cracked touch screen, faulty operating system, etc
  • All devices must not be activation locked and must be deregistered from any associated accounts. All phones and devices must be on a UK network or not locked. Phones or devices locked to a foreign network will not be accepted.


Each handset should:

  • Include its battery (you can keep memory card, charger, etc)
  • Be intact - not crushed, bent or snapped in half

Faulty examples:

  • Broken/bleeding LCD (screen), blank display, no power up, faulty touch screen, etc


  • Cheque posted on same day of receipt of phone(s)
  • All cheques posted via 1st class post

Your cheque will be made payable to the name registered in your Mazuma account and can be banked into any UK bank that you hold an account with.

Bank Transfer

  • Faster Payment transfer made on same day of receipt of phone(s)
  • Money in your account same day of transfer (unlike BACS 3 days)

Your bank must accept Faster Payments (most do). If not, a BACS transfer will automatically be made.

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